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Fitting Guide

Reusable nappies are fitted slightly differently to disposables, so this guide should help you get the best fit from your washable nappies. Do let us know if there's anything we've not clarified or forgotten to include that may help. 

First, slide the nappy under your child. You want the top (at the back) level with the top of the pelvis/hips, rather than higher up the back, like this: 

Next, bring the front of the nappy up between the legs, but squish the sides in so that the leg elastics are on the knickerline, not down the thighs at all. If the nappy is sitting with the elastics round the thighs, you're likely to end up with sore, red marks where the damp elastics have rubbed. So you should bring it up like this:

Smooth the front of the nappy across the stomach and hips, then lift the wings/sides UP and over, and down at an angle (rather than just pulling it across) to get a nice fit around the leg:
So your nappy should look like this:

The elastics are tucked almost into the nappy giving a snug fit that will, if a good fit, contain explosions and keep the child nice and comfy.

You can see how the fabric will be damp on the top of the thighs like this. You are also likely to get leaks round the legs if your nappy is fitted like this too. 

Do up the waist snaps or velcro as you do each leg. You want the nappy snug against the skin, but not too tight. You should be able to slide your fingers in. Think how it would feel if you were wearing it and do it accordingly. 

Now run your fingers around the leg elastic from back to front, ensuring that it is tucked into the knickerline and is snug to the skin without being too tight. Sock marks are fine, but if red or looking sore after a couple of hours then the legs are too tight. Our model is a smaller "child" so our leg elastic is too loose and the nappy is too big at the moment: 
This is where the "rise" snaps on the front of the nappy come in. If your nappy is not "birth to potty" then this step does not apply. Some "birth to potty" (btp) nappies have adjustable elastic instead of rise snaps, but the majority adjust as below. Our model needs them midway because when we do them up to the lowest set, the gap actually gets worse around the leg, so we have done hers up to the middle row: 
Run your fingers round again to check the elastics are still on the knickerline and that they are now snug and comfortable. The back should look like the picture below.
If your nappy is an all-in-one and does not require a wrap over the top, you are done! 

If you do need to put a wrap over the top, do it in the same way as you just did, ensuring elastics are tucked INTO the nappy right on the knickerline (we cannot stress this enough!! Knickerline, knickerline, always on the knickerline!) So it should end up looking like this:
Then run your fingers round the waist and check all the nappy is tucked into the wrap/cover with nothing sticking out anywhere and you're finished! Well done!

 If you're unsure about fit, feel free to message us a photo on Facebook or by email and we will give you some pointers if needed.